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Pakistani Club New Zealand, safe haven for pakistani. Goal and Achievements

Pakistani Club and Islamic club working together with Same Goal.

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Pakistani Club New Zealand


Safe Haven for Pakistani


Pakistani Club Aim to bring all Pakistani’s on one Plate form for Social gathering in New Zealand


To achieve this Goal require a Commercial Place ( will start with rent but in future will buy)where we can sit and talk and have light entertainment, including Culture  Programmed, Islamic Programmed, family functions, educational Seminars, all sort of actives can benefit to Pakistani Society in  New Zealand.



 Any New Zealander can join.  Membership will be paid and we Aim to Keep $10.00 a month for single and family $20.00 a month , but defiantly benefit to members. Pakistani Club Specially design for Pakistani in New Zealand and as long person are  New Zealand Citizen or have legal permission to stay in New Zealand, can join the Pakistani club.  Pakistani Club will support him all parts of life including legal support under the New Zealand Law and available resources Pakistani Club have.

 Any Gold member  Died in New Zealand, his family want to send the body to oversea  or want to bared in New Zealand, Pakistani Club will support him Financially without Question ask what status or financial position he have in New Zealand. That will be done Community fundraising or with fund of Pakistani Club New Zealand if available.

 Pakistani Club need at least $100.000.00 in Bank before we rent the Place. So at least we have 2 years require funding in our Bank. Currently we are asking $10 a month for membership for single and $20 a month for families, (with auto Bank payment) so we can achieved the target.  Pakistani Club Bank account, Money will not use unless we have place to rent and can Check by authorize community member or person.


Pakistani Club Management Team.

 Pakistani Club will be run as a Commercial nonprofit organization:

 Mohammad Aslam

 So please contact to us if any way you can help to bring Pakistani club in reality, including help in fund raising. Also please send recommendation for members of Boards to select.

 Please make automatic Bank payment to this account. That will be benefit to all   Gold members  in    New Zealand.  Also Join:,  after you join please email us with your membership deposit and we will turn your membership Standard membership  in to Gold membership where you can enjoy all the benefits and we keep you update  for news about Pakistani Club and benefits or where we are to achieve our goal. Website Gold membership only for Paid member  or person must be importance or benefit to Pakistani Club.  




Single       $10   a month


Family      $20   a month


 Bank account Number: 

       BNZ Bank







Contact: M. Aslam 










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Pakistani Club New Zealand/UK/Europe